Saturday, 12 January 2019

How to disable USB Ports.

As ICT system Administrator Sometime you might get annoyed by people who infect your computer machine by using flash disks that spread viruses.
If the administrator is smart, then he would definitely do this to ensure a tight blockade. He would alter the settings through regedit command on Run console. Now how do you unlock it? You have to go right into where the administrator has been. Here is how.
  1. Go to Start > Run, type “regedit” and press enter to open the registry editor
  2. Navigate to the following key
In the right pane, select Start and change the value to 3. (The value 4 will disable USB Storage). Click OK. This will re-enable USB Ports and allow you to use USB or Pen drives.
Restrict access to USB drives

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Budwing Diet Protocol

The Budwig diet or Budwig protocol is a diet plan built to help with the treatment of cancer.
When facing a cancer diagnosis, many people want to do everything in their power to fight the disease. For some, this includes looking into alternative or complementary therapies on top of traditional treatments like chemotherapy.
One complementary therapy is the Budwig diet, which adds an increased amount of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese to a person's diet while avoiding processed foods and animal fats.
In this article, we take a detailed look at what the Budwig diet is, whether there is any evidence to support its use, and the possible risks and side effects.

What is the Budwig diet?

Dr. Johanna Budwig, the creator of the diet, believed eating a diet very high in polyunsaturated fat from these specific sources would help prevent cancer cells from spreading.People following the Budwig Diet eat multiple servings of flaxseed oil mixed with cottage cheese, or sometimes yogurt or milk.
In addition to eating many servings of a mixture of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, people following the Budwig diet normally eat a lot of the following foods:
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • foods that are very high in fiber
At the same time, people on the Budwig diet avoid the following foods:
  • meats, especially processed
  • sugar
  • butter and margarine
  • some other oils
Dr. Budwig also encouraged those following the diet or protocol to spend more time exposing their skin to the sun to increase the amount of vitamin D their bodies produce.
The Budwig diet was developed as an alternative approach to treat cancer. However, it has also been used as an alternative treatment for the following:What is the Budwig diet used for?

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Business ideas and estimated startup cost

You can offer professional cleaning service to small and big business firms, one interesting part is that this business doesn't need any certificate before you can venture into it. To get started in this business, you need to get in touch with business firms who are in need of professional cleaner in other for them to have a better working business environment for their customers.
Poultry farming is another profitable business idea to start in Kenya. Eggs, chickens, and turkeys are mostly consumed on a daily basis in Kenya so it will thrive a lot if you decide to venture into the poultry farming business, a good approach to this business will be very important.
Cost between KSH50,000 and KSH100,000 for smaller markets.

You can start up a cereal shop in Kenya in a very strategic and busy location where you sell cereal products such as beans, maize, groundnuts, green gram, porridge flour, and rice. To get started, you need to get a supplier of cereal products from different brands in wholesale price and then sell it at retail price in other to make you profit and also let them know the type of stock you may need.
Cost between KSH50,000 and KSH100,000 for smaller markets

Most people living in Kenya are the working class and business owners who have little to no time to take care of their untidy clothes. An entrepreneur can easily take advantage of this business by even starting it straight from your home. The first step in starting this business is to invest in laundry tools such as washing machines( you can purchase a 2nd hand one if you don't have enough money for the new one), iron board, detergents, and other laundry equipments and also have an aggressive marketing strategy. To retain your customer base, you need to provide them with the best laundry service.
Cost between KSH50,000 and KSH100,000

This industry happens to be one of the best small business ideas that thrives the most and at the same time, it is profitable because you can make money on a daily basis if you know how to play your cards right. You have three options when starting a transport business, either you start with a tricycle, motorcycle or minibus. Get your transport business registered to avoid getting harassed by road officials. Situating yourself in a busy location will be a good move to make when starting this business.
Cost between KSH100,000 and KSH200,000

Selling of mobile phones is a lucrative small business idea to start in Kenya because the number of people who wish to communicate between themselves and making use of the internet is increasing every day by day. If you pick interest in this business, you can start purchasing quality phones from well trusted and known phone brands such as Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, Lenovo, and Gionee. You can make good returns on your investment if you have a good business plan.
An entrepreneur can start any manufacturing business ideas either by manufacturing products that are highly needed in Kenya such as building blocks, creams, aluminum windows, detergents, bottled/sachet water productions, purses/handbag production (try making it with Kenya native fabrics) and many more.
Video game business can easily be started because it doesn't require much capital. Most people love being entertained, you can start a pace in this business by getting a good business location with high traffic footage in Kenya. The things you need to invest in are popular game gadgets such as PlayStation 2, 3, &4, television sets, standby generator, chairs, and standing fans. You can equally get a second-hand PlayStations, t.v sets, and generators if you don't enough money to get a brand new one and also consider getting quality ones.
Cost estimates between Ksh30,000 and Ksh50,000

With the increase in rate of people who are planning to get a new house of their own and renting an apartment in Kenya which has to be a major concern among Kenyans. You can start by manufacturing and selling most used furniture products such as chairs, tables, wardrobes, shoe rank, wooden doors, and kitchen cabinets in return, you make handsome profits on your investment.
Cost estimates between KSH85,000 and KSH100,000

Starting your own pharmacy store is a lucrative business to think of in Kenya inasmuch as human lives are concerned, people need to be taken good care of whenever illness comes either by taking prescribed drugs by an health personnel. This business is highly regulated by government in most countries, so you need to have your license at hand, and make sure your documents pass through the legal procedure by health bodies governing Kenya to avoid being shut down from the business.
Cost estimates between KSH400,000 and KSH700,000

Is livestock feed production a profitable venture? Let the following numbers entice you: the worldwide animal feed market was valued at 14.9 billion USD in 2013 and it is projected that it will hit over 20 billion USD by the year 2020. You can learn more about this business from already existing livestock feed production venture within or outside your locality. With a good business plan, business funds and your marketing strategies at hand, you are good to go.
Selling of fruits happens to be one of the best lucrative business to start with little capital. To get started in this venture, you need to locate various fruits suppliers(mainly you should target those in towns/villages where fruits are mostly planted), get a good business location( a busy or commercial area will be perfect).
Cost estimates between KSH15,000 and KSH20,000

In a busy and well-populated city like Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Eldoret. They will be many different activities going on such as business seminars, events, weddings and much more. It will be a good idea for an entrepreneur who is planning to start a business to venture into rentals business where you rent out chairs, tables, and canopies to those that are planning to host various occasions in return you will make a good profit.
First and foremost, you need to have your business marketing strategies in place, purchase quality chairs, tables, and canopies in a reasonable quantity. Also, have a means of transporting it to various locations either by getting your own truck or hiring one.
Cost estimates range between Ksh500,000 and Ksh 1million

Mobile phones are man-made and can develop faults at any time, so the only way to get it fixed is by taking it to an experienced phone repairer who knows what caused the problem and how to provide the best solution.
Mobile phone repair can be learned through acquiring the skill from an experienced and skillful phone engineer. It comes with two options when learning phone repair either hardware or software but you need to start with the basic which is hardware. Once you have gotten yourself acquitted with the skill then you need to raise capital, have a business plan and kick-start the business.
Cost estimates between KSH70,000 and KSH80,000

With the high rate of vehicles in Kenya, most vehicles are prone to developing faults at any time and must be fixed by a mechanic. First and foremost, if you are interested in starting your own auto mechanic business, you need to learn the skill through skill acquisition program or you pay some certain amount of money to an already existing experienced mechanic to teach you the skill.
This business can easily be started from home with little capital and investment in equipments used for making snacks. Snack business is another alternative for stay at home mums in Kenya. You can learn how to make snack products easily online.
Cost estimates between Ksh15,000 and 20,000

Becoming a major distributor of popular soft drink brands such as Coca-cola, Pepsi, and Coastal bottlers is a viable small business idea to start in Kenya. You just need to have the knowledge of the game, starting this business you need to purchase soft drinks from major soft drinks companies at a wholesale price and sell them to those that are need of it such as the restaurant, supermarkets, and those hosting an event at a retail price for you to be able to make your own profit.
You just need to have own personal truck which will enable you to transport soft drinks to various cities in Kenya and also have your own business location so that people can reach out to you easily whenever they need your service.
Cost estimates between KSH115000 and KSH200,000

Starting a movie store is one of the easiest and fast-moving venture into if you are good at entertaining people and your business location is situated in a strategic location. This business is likely to be making you money on a daily basis if you have enough customers patronizing your business. Read a detailed guide on how to start a movie store in Kenya
Mini importation has become one of the best viable small business idea to consider going into if you know the rules of the game. This business doesn't require much capital for setup. You can learn mini importation through an online course which you will certainly get for a certain amount of money.
Cost estimates between Ksh 60,000 and Ksh100,000

Most mums in Kenya are the working class type while some are the those who are managing one business or the other, leaving home as early as possible and probably returning late . They will have little to no time to be taking their kids to the working place. What they do is to take them to a nearby daycare center, if you love kids and you need a small business opportunity to start then this business is a good option for you. The children's safety should be your number one priority.
Cost estimates between Ksh30,000 and Ksh35,000

Insecurity has been a major challenge in Kenya and this is a good reason an investor should give it a second thought by starting a security company where you train and recruit young people on security tips. This type of business needs aggressive marketing strategies in other to attract individuals and institutions that may require your service. A good approach to this venture will be very paramount.
Cost estimates between Ksh150,000 and Ksh200,000

Not everyone has the money to purchase brand new designer clothes, rather they go for cheaper and fairly used one. This is one of the highly thriving and profitable business ideas in Kenya an entrepreneur can easily start with little capital. You just need to know where you can get quality used clothes in Kenya by getting more information from those who are already in the business.
Cost estimates between Ksh15,000 and Ksh20,000

Cyber cafe business has been recognized as one of the most thriving and profitable businesses in Kenya. This is a gap for entrepreneurs to fill in by starting an internet cafe business where you offer internet services such as internet browsing, online registrations.
With the unemployment rate in Kenya, starting a venture in the recruitment agency will be a very good option because most local and foreign companies are on the lookout for qualified and skillful employees to help fill different positions in their various companies and the best way they achieve that is by patronizing recruitment consultant as they find it very effective and easier way of employing people at low costs and valuable gain.
Before starting a recruitment agency business, you need to consider the following:
1. How much capital is needed for investment?
2. Am I good at networking?
3.Identifying the skills an employer wants in an employee
4. Are you knowledgeable about human resources?
5. What are the marketing strategies you need to take to attract clients to your business?
Butchery business is one of the thriving small business ideas to start in Kenya inasmuch as meat is consumed every day and is also considered to be a good source of protein. You can start your own butchery business on a small scale either by checking out other butchery venture and know how it is being managed. Getting to know where you buy livestock is a good thing to take note of most especially goats because some breeds come at an affordable price. Finding a good business location is a key to success in this business.
Cost estimates between Ksh30,000 and Ksh60,000

This is another small business idea in Kenya with well-calculated business funds. You can learn how popcorn is being made from already existing business within or outside your neighborhood. Things to consider when starting popcorn business are;
1. Getting popcorn machine( get the type that produces salt and popcorn sugar at the same time)
2. Purchasing the popcorn seeds from commercial markets
3. Buy a gas cylinder( an alternative when they is no electricity )
3. Other added things to consider getting are salt, butter, and sugar
4. Determine the quantity when selling so that you wouldn't run out of loss
5. Situate yourself by the roadside or in a busy location
Cost estimates between Ksh42,000 and Ksh50,000

Starting a boutique business in Kenya where you sell brand new designer shirts, bags and shoes is a lucrative venture to think of because most people don't mind buying expensive designer wears as long as they look best in their outfit.
You just need to decide which niche you would like to target, is it children's wears? men's wear? or ladies wear?. Most clothes brands have an online presence with contact information where you can reach out to them and purchase clothes in large quantity and at a wholesale price. One of the key tenants to this business is to buy at low and sell high.
Cost estimates between Ksh150,00 and Ksh250,000

Most people see this business as a less making money venture due to its nature but the same business is making lots of money for entrepreneurs who are already in the business, reasons because they have what it takes to attract customers either by providing them with the best service ever. You can as well join the move training and make a good amount of money either by setting up your own female salon
Cost estimates between Ksh50,000 and Ksh100,000

Selling of native and foreign fabrics is a profitable small business idea to think of starting in Kenya. You can choose to purchase fabrics from Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania in large quantity and sell it out in smaller divisions to tailors that are in need of it.
With an increase in interest in education in Kenya, an entrepreneur can start a bookshop store in a locality surrounded by schools or with high traffic footage. Reading helps increase literacy and this can help improve society so this business can never die out.
You just need to locate where you can get stationary materials and books in large quantity. Make more inquiries from already existing stationary store on how to suppliers.
Cost estimates between Ksh150,000 and Ksh200,000

You can start your own barbershop easily in Kenya because this business only requires you to be skillful when giving your customers a haircut which you can learn from an experienced barber in your locality by paying him to teach you the skill, with Ksh5000 or thereabouts you can acquire barbing skill within few months. Once you have known the in and out of the business then you need to consider raising capital for your business and getting a good business location.
Cost estimates between Ksh100,000 and Ksh150,000

You can choose to become a major dealer in all kinds of home appliances product such as television sets, home theatre,fridges, generators, glass center tables, television stands,deep freezers, fans, and DVD players. Starting this business, you need to know where you can purchase various quality, reliable and durable products from at whole sale price from major home appliances company such as LG, Panasonic and so on. Also business location matters a lot
The cost estimate is between Ksh250,000 and Ksh500,000

They you have it, Top 35+ small business ideas in Kenya and their cost estimates. With these listed above, an entrepreneur or investor can choose to pick anyone based on the one their interest falls in.
I wish you all the very best and success in your business.

Best short courses in Kenya

Short courses in Kenya are becoming essential in the selection process for open job opportunities in Kenya, so consider taking up one before you head off to pursue your degree or diploma.  Whether its foreign languages or professional courses, in doing so, you will pick up skills such as leadership, management and development along the way that will put you at a better advantage
1. Professional certification courses
I know after very few form fours are thinking about careers but being that you are headed there, it’s about time you thought about what career you want to pursue.
Short certification courses are very necessary when it comes to finding jobs among top employers such as multinationals, the government and NGOs.
The first thing you need to do is carry out research on the various professional courses that are available in your area of study and start working on that.
If you want to pursue accounting for instance, will need to pursue CPA or ACCA you are looking to get jobs fast after you are done with your major course.
And then, there are those required certifications to demonstrate your knowledge of various Accounting packages, including, Quickbooks, Sage, Pastel, Tally SPSS Project Management among others.
If you dream is to go into HR, you can begin with a professional Diploma in Human Resource Management while those looking to go into procurement will need to take up CIPS courses if they are to get good jobs and salary alike.
For marketers, there is CIM and those looking to get the upper hand in IT can pursue short course like Cisco CCNA and CCNP, Microsoft MCSA, MCSE or MTA, Oracle, Linux, CompTIA and the likes.
This also will boost your Computer Science Degree since in university there is lest Practical.
While at this moment this may seem like a dream too far, as you go on you will realize that professional certifications are becoming more and more of a requirement as the job market progresses so find one that appeals to your profession and take it up.
2. Computer packages
Least but not least, some of you may already be pursuing this and I must agree that it’s one of the short courses in Kenya that form four leavers should pursue.
It doesn’t matter if everybody is doing it, but knowing your way around a computer will come in handy when you are looking for a job.
Think about it, no one will want to hire a graduate who does not have knowledge on how to use a computer or to send a basic email. 
Some of the common Computer Applications Package you must have include
  1. Ms Office this comprises of ms word, excel, power point, access, publisher
  2. Graphics software like Corel draw, photo shop, illustrator, In Design, Page maker
  3. Web development and Blogging and on this case i recommend WordPress or Adobe Dreamweaver Because they are very easy to learn.
  4. Video Editing skills also can make you sharpen your mind. and i recommend Adobe Premier. 

Use this free time that you have to take up computer package course.

3. Driving
While this course may not seem so important to you if you are not looking to become a driver but most Kenyan companies today are adding possession of a Driving License as a requirement for various jobs.
Take for instance if you go into sales, you may require moving around and this will require you to drive.
There are some companies that provide cars for their stuff as part of the employment package and may use the driving expertise as a means of determining the most qualified candidate for the job.
So, quit asking what you should be doing, go on and enroll for a driving class.

4. Foreign Language Course
We are living in a country where foreign languages are taught in some primary and secondary school.
As a four four leaver, if you are looking to stand out and make a mark in the job market, start thinking long term.
Yes a copter applications certificate is important, but take it from me, rarely will anyone ask you for it when you are looking for a job unless you want to work in admin.
Alliance Fran├žaise is very popular in teaching French short courses.
And there are so many institutions in Kenya that teach other foreign languages like Chinese, Spanish, Italian among others.
Take it from me, it’s not only interesting to learn a new language but this short certificate has the potential of opening up so many doors for you in future.
People have gained free scholarships to study abroad just by mastering a foreign language.

Monday, 7 January 2019

How to Bypass Windows 7/8/10 Password using CMD

Sometime you might not be in a position to rember you windows PC password either because you havent memorized it well  or you borrowed it from one of your friends.
Here is how you can quickly bypass the password using CMD
1) First you need to restart your computer
2) Then press F8 to enter "Safe Mode" then navigate to the "Advanced Boot Options".
3) There are 3 boot options for your choice, select the Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
4) Wait for a while, you can see Windows 7 boots up to the login screen. Choose administrator,
5) Go to Start > Run and type cmd.exe, a Command Prompt dialog box pops up.
6) Type net user and press Enter. All the windows accounts will be listed, then type the acount you wish to change.
7) when the command is completed successfully, the new password has been successfully reset.
Frankly speaking, When you're locked out of Windows, I don't suggest you perform this method if you're not a tech guy, if you persist in that, you may damage to your computer or lost system data, all at your own risk. You might take a look at the Part 2 and then determine which method is the best.
run windows 7 in safe mode with command prompt
type the following commands as shown below and your password will be abc
reset windows 7 password in safe mode with command prompt

How to Protect your Images with Password Before you send them Online

If you need to share a private image online and you are concerned that it may get leaked, then you can password protect the file before sharing it with anyone. Then even if it gets leaked, unauthorized people will be unable to see the image until they know the password.There is a free software named Lock Image to password protect Image files.

Lock Image is an open source tool that converts and image into exe file. The exe file contains the image file which can be seen by entering the correct password. This tool is portable which means that you don’t have to install it and you can carry it in your pen drive with you. Here’s the procedure to create password protected image files using Lock Image,
1. Download Lock Image (the file) from this page. Extract the zip file and simply double click on it to launch Lock Image.
2. To password protect any image, just drag it into the application’s window. Then go to File > Save, enter the file name and click on the Save button. At this point the password window will appear,
Lock Image
 Enter the appropriate password and press Ok. That’s it. The program will generate an executable file which will ask for password to show the embedded image
Isn't it cool.

Set Video as Your Wall Paper

1. I assume that you already have VLC media player installed. If not, then you can get it from this page. Download and install it. The start it.
2. Go to Tools > Preferences. Select the video tab from the left panel of the preferences window. Now in the Output drop down list, choose DirectX video output. Click on the save button.


 3. Restart VLC.

 4. Now just play any video using the VLC media player. Once the video starts playing, click on Video > DirectX Wallpaper, and minimize the VLC window. You’ll immediately see the video set as wallpaper. You can work normally and the video wallpaper will behave just like a normal wallpaper. 

If you want your old static wallpaper back, then uncheck the DirectX Wallpaper in the VLC media player (Video > DirectX Wallpaper).
Also, If you are using the Windows Aero Themes, then it will automatically revert to basic theme because of the DirectX output. But don’t worry, you can easily turn on the Aero theme after you are done with this little game

I would suggest to set videos like Nature videos or default Video you get with Windows 7.That looks Cool 
So Enjoy your New Video Wallpaper and Start Boosting lol.